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ISPE College offers a diversity of  excellent opportunities for its’ students and is the only higher education institution in Kosovo that organizes and offers programs, lectures, courses and trainings free of charge!

We are devoted to support our students’ academic and professional development, and to  influence the further development of our country with the leaders that come out from our institution!

Free Literature: All the literature that ISPE College possesses is in the service of the students of our institution. Besides the basic literature, our students will be equipped with additional literature from the respective subjects’ professors, electronic literature and other specific material for their field of studies. We aim at lowering the student costs and to give them an opportunity to widen their knowledge.

Information System (SIS): The system of electronic information enables students to have permanent online access in ISPE College, no matter the location. They will have online access to literature, notices and announcements for the submission of exams, results and notices on their grades, and communication with the locak and international professors that teach at ISPE College.

Free Foreign language courses: ISPE College offers free English and German language courses for all its’ students with the best local and international professors that have a considerable experience in this field.

Library:  ISPE College Library includes all the literature students can find at ISPE College and Online like:

European Library: This library includes materials from different fields of study, especially materials that address the European Union. Students can read through these materials in different languages like Albanian, English or German.

(NATO Corner):  ISPE College is the only institution of higher education in Kosovo that has an agreement with NATO. This Corner includes mostly materials in the field of security. NATO Corner also includes materials on NATO, its’ history and different cases on security.

Practice and Employment: Our students are offered the opportunity to be engaged in different projects that ISPE College conducts with different local and international partners. Students will also be given the opportunity to be employed in many sectors relevant to their field of studies so they can self-finance their studies at ISPE College. Many of our students are already engaged in our institutions administration, European Library or different projects.

Scholarship Program: Scholarships are offered by ISPE College in forms of payment discount, or scholarships that are offered by different organizations that ISPE College has close co operations with like DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Diens), KAS (Kosovo Academic Service) and FES (Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung).

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